Brevard: August 23rd Primary Candidate Survey

Brevard County Commission District 2

Survey Question Joseph Cholewa Tom Goodson Christopher Hattaway Dave Netterstrom
1) Do you fully support the BREVARD COUNTY Save Our Indian River Lagoon(SOIRL) Program and its renewal? Yes Yes: On the renewal, I would support putting the renewal on the ballot for voters to decide. No Response No Response
2) Do you support Low Impact Development requirements in your jurisdiction for every new or expanding development? Yes No: There are existing regulations. I may support additional regulations depending on the specific details.
3) Do you support requiring conversion of septic systems to sewer or advanced septics (where necessary) for any new development and for upgrading properties? Better if converted to biofuels Yes: If cost to existing homeowner would not be burdensome.
4) Do you support enforcement andĀ penaltiesĀ for fertilizer violations by citizens and commercial/governmental organizations? Yes Only in the cases of severe violations.
5) Do you support a permanent ban on the spreading of biosolids in your jurisdiction? Yes
6) Do you support the creation of sustainability boards, and will you actively encourage their projects in your government? Need more information on their role Yes: Having citizens and government officials work together is important.
7) If you are elected, will you hold firm on these commitments? Yes: Environmental Health will always be a priority Yes