Brevard: August 23rd Primary Candidate Survey

Cocoa City Council District 1 & 4

Survey Question James Alex Goines Ed Green Jennifer Kenny Loraine Koss
1) Do you fully support the BREVARD COUNTY Save Our Indian River Lagoon(SOIRL) Program and its renewal? Yes Yes: I supported the half-cent tax at it's inception and will support renewal. The funds raised by this assessment are crucial in funding science-based solutions to resolve the IRL crisis. Yes: I voted for the half-cent sales tax in 2016 and will support this tax for renewal in 2026. Yes: I was the first Chairman and continue to serve on the SOIRL COC
2) Do you support Low Impact Development requirements in your jurisdiction for every new or expanding development? Yes Yes: LID is good policy not only for the Lagoon, but for development in general. Yes Yes: I attended the MRC's LID conference last year and have moved several policies to that end through the Cocoa.
3) Do you support requiring conversion of septic systems to sewer or advanced septics (where necessary) for any new development and for upgrading properties? Yes Yes: Although these requirements may generate up-front costs, I expect those will be offset in the long term by lower life-cycle costs to the homeowner and lower costs to the community in repairing environmental damage. Yes: New developments should absolutely be connected to sewer. Existing property owners with septic systems should be compensated through grants for the cost of upgrading. Yes: I am currently leading that battle in Cocoa. It's unfortunate that it should even be a battle.
4) Do you support enforcement andĀ penaltiesĀ for fertilizer violations by citizens and commercial/governmental organizations? Yes Yes Yes Yes: The lagoon is in critical condition. We must act quickly.
5) Do you support a permanent ban on the spreading of biosolids in your jurisdiction? Yes Yes Yes Yes: There are no biosolids spread in Cocoa and I object to the fact that we truck them to the middle of the state on Duda lands which sit over the watershed to our aquifer.
6) Do you support the creation of sustainability boards, and will you actively encourage their projects in your government? Yes Yes Yes Yes: I'm the founder of the Cocoa Sustainability Advisory Board.
7) If you are elected, will you hold firm on these commitments? Yes Yes Yes Yes