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Straight Talk: Sewage Systems, Septics, and Muck in Our Lagoon

This is a free forum intended to provide an overview of the current and planned projects and to provide answers to a concerned public. Past ones included the Gleason Center for the Preforming Arts in Melbourne, Dixie Crossroads in Titusville, and the Courtyard Marriott in Cocoa Beach.  Click on our homepage to watch the video of the latest live event.  We have more planned for 2020!  Stay tuned for the dates and locations.


Lagoon Straight Talk-Issues Brief

Thank you for your support of the Lagoon and the Brevard Indian River Lagoon Coalition (BIRLC).  We’ve heard your questions at our Lagoon Straight Talk meetings and are launching Lagoon Straight Talk Issue Briefs to respond in a clear, understandable manner, based on the best information available.

This is our first paper in the series – “Water Quality Improvement by Removing Muck“.


Diagram of External Sources of Nutrient Pollution into the IRL

Save Our Lagoon Project Plan Presentation

Presented by:

Virginia Barker, Director, Natural Resources Management Department
Al Vazquez, Managing Partner, Closewaters LLC
Dr. John Windsor, Professor Emeritus, Florida Institute of Technology
Oceanography and Environmental Science
Marcy Frick, REM, Senior Water Resources Engineer, Tetra Tech Inc.




Research Links

Dr Trefry’s muck presentation and Dr Weaver’s natural shorelines presentation at Indian River Lagoon Research webpage.

Dr Widder’s video presentation of the dangers of the blue-green algae in the Indian River.

Dr LaPointe’s septic presentation regarding nutrients and water quality in the Indian River.

Dr De Freese’s Current State of the Indian River, FL Lagoon and the Risks to its Economic Impact presentation .

Dr Virginia Barker 2016 video presentation on the current status of Brevard County’s Save The Lagoon Plan

Dr. De Freese’s Rethinking the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program

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