Advocacy & Elected Officials

The Lagoon needs your help. 

There has never been a better time to get informed and get active. 

Thankfully, we can point to projects in progress, postive efforts with good results, and more people involved in personally finding simple ways to Help the Lagoon in their daily lives, but we still have a huge battle ahead. It didn't take a day or a year to create the issues our Lagoon faces, and they won't be easily solved.

But we are making progress.  Find out what's going on.  Get active.

Become part of the solution.

To all our residents who desire its health in this generation and for the next and the next, we ask you to care.

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When there's an issue you see, or when there is something you see that's made a positive difference, and for other reasons, your responsibility and your opportunity is to contact your Commissioner, and all the Commissioners and let them know.

District 1 Commissioner Rita Pritchett
(321) 607-6901

District 2 Commissioner Bryan Lober
(321) 454-6601

District 3 Commissioner John Tobia
(321) 633-2075

District 4 Commissioner Curt Smith (Vice Chair)
(321) 633-2044

District 5 Commissioner Kristine Zonka (Chair)
(321) 253-6611

Together with our elected officials, we share the responsibility to help protect and preserve this important asset --the  Indian River Lagoon estuary system in Brevard County.