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All of the budget requests below were signed by the Governor on June 2nd. He vetoed a number of environmental programs in other areas, so we believe all the supportive letters and emails he received from Brevardians played a key role in his approval of these programs.     Your Voice counts!

  • All these were approved by the Governor's office June 2nd:
    1. Lagoon Inflow Restoration Project
      • Line 57 provides $921,500 for a demonstration project to evaluate controlled introduction of seawater into the IRL to help restoration. Please SUPPORT!
    2. General Appropriations Act Line items that will help restore the Health of the Indian River Lagoon:
      • Line 1665A/HB 3697/LFIR 1342 Brevard County Indian River Lagoon Septic Upgrades Phase 2
      • Line 1665A/HB 3699/LFIR 1341 Brevard County Indian River Lagoon Quick Connects to Sewer Phase 2
      • Line 1650A/LFIR 2714 Riverside Drive Force Main Improvements
      • Line 1650A/LFIR 2713 South Beaches WWTP Conversion to AWT
      • Line 1650A/HB 3885/LFIR 1340 Cocoa Beach Muck Capping and Dredging
      • Line 1665A/HB 2187/LFIR 1091 Melbourne Spring Creek Water Quality Project
      • Line 1665A/HB 4159/LFIR 2746 Titusville Osprey Water Reclamation Plant Nutrient Removal Upgrades

AND, The Governor Just announced that he Vetoed SB 2508!!!

  • SB 2508 was inserted in the State’s General appropriations bill at 11th hour to avoid public comment. A coordinated swift public outcry got some of the worst elements removed (Big Ag's control over Lake O releases), however rules allowing Utilities to pay to expedite "Dredge and Fill" permits remain.


Please let the Governor know you appreciate his help. 

Contact Governor DeSantis:

Contact Governor DeSantis' Point Person:

Example transmission:

Dear Governor DeSantis, c/o Stephanie Kopelousos,

Due to my strong concern over the deterioration of the Indian River Lagoon, I am writing to ask you to please take the following action:
Veto SB 2508
Thank you for your time.

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