Brevard County Lagoon Restoration Programs

Save Our Indian River Lagoon Project Plan


The Save Our Indian River Lagoon Project Plan outlines local projects planned to meet water quality targets and improve the health, productivity, aesthetic appeal, and economic value of the lagoon.

The 2020 Plan Update adds an additional 43 new projects for a total of 190 projects proposed over the ten years of the plan. Once completed, they will reduce and remove 1,303,528 pounds of nitrogen and 105,745 pounds of phosphorus annually from the Indian River Lagoon. Read the 2020 Save Our Indian River Lagoon Project Plan Update


Citizen Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee ensures transparent implementation of the Save Our Indian River Lagoon Project Plan and expense of the Save Our Indian River Lagoon Trust Fund for the public and recommends plan updates to the Board of County Commissioners.  This includes review of fiscal decision documents, projects and program progress reports, evaluation of timeliness and cost effectiveness performance, consideration of alternative actions, and recommendations for project plan amendments. The committee includes 14 citizen volunteers with expertise in the areas of finance, science, tourism, technology, education/outreach and, lagoon advocacy and real estate.

Due to social distancing guidelines, meetings will be held via Zoom Conferencing in order to still allow for public participation.

The next meeting will be held July 17, 2020, 08:30 AM Eastern Time. Visit Conference LogIn Info for details.

Normally, the meeting is open to the public on the 3rd Friday of each month. Can't make it in person? Meetings are streamed live through Space Coast Government TV.  Check out the Citizen Oversight Committee’s webpage for information on meeting dates, agendas, documents, members and more!

Read the Citizen Oversight Committee Progress Reports for Yr 2020

Jan 2020 Progress Report

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