MRC Virtual Lagoon Learning Programs

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To access the lessons on-line, you must register through the link provided  MRC can continue to provide these lessons for free to teachers if we demonstrate how the resources are being used and the number of students reached.  Please complete the short registration process to access the lessons for your virtual classroom.   Please share the link to the registration page with your peers and other potential interests so we can track their participation.

Upon registering, MRC’s Education Coordinator, Nicole Broquet, will email you a username and password, as well as instructions to access the online materials.  Please do not share your login information with other teachers.

Virtual Learning Programs (3rd – 6th Grades)

Each video presentation is accompanied with a worksheet and additional activities, with the exception of “Help Save the Lagoon,” which is paired with two options for a final project.

IRL and Stormwater Introduction (video 15 mins): Students will be introduced to the unique and amazing ecosystem of the Indian River Lagoon (IRL)! Students will also learn about stormwater runoff and the effects of pollution on the IRL.

Florida Feasts (video 13 mins): Students will learn about energy flow in food chains/webs using animals from the Indian River Lagoon and will learn how pollution disrupts these relationships.

Mangroves Matter (video 18 mins): Students will learn about the different species of mangroves in Florida and their life cycles. Students will also learn how mangroves are able to thrive in their unique environment and their importance for lagoon restoration.

Help Save the Lagoon (video 8 mins): Students will learn about the simple actions they can do at home that can make a big impact on saving the lagoon!

We are here to help you meet the needs of your students!  Please reach out to Nicole Broquet at with any questions!

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