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Funded in part by Brevard County's Half-Cent Sales Tax

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The major 3-phase Cone Road project in Merritt Island connected more than 80 commercial and industrial properties to sewer, constructed buried sewer and stormwater lines along the road and added denitrification to stormwater ponds in a park setting. The sewer service allows redevelopment of the industrial area adjacent to the airport.

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Save Our Indian River Lagoon Project Plan

The Save Our Indian River Lagoon Project Plan outlines local projects planned to meet water quality targets and improve the health, productivity, aesthetic appeal, and economic value of the lagoon.

The 2021 Plan Update adds an additional 43 new projects for a total of 190 projects proposed over the ten years of the plan. Once completed, they will reduce and remove 1,303,528 pounds of nitrogen and 105,745 pounds of phosphorus annually from the Indian River Lagoon. Read the 2021 Save Our Indian River Lagoon Project Plan Update

Restoration programs to help the lagoon

View Septic Improvements on the Map

The SOIRL Program has has a set of maps that show areas where septic improvements (and in some cases grants) are scheduled. Improvements include: Septic Conversion (tab 4 on the map), Sewer Quick Connects (tab 5), Septic Upgrades (tab 6). Go the the map tab with the Improvement type you are interested in and then click on the colored areas near the property of interest and a summary of plans will pop up.

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