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Brevard is feeling the impacts of an increasing population. Development pressures are intensifying, as are the impacts to land and water supply and quality. Using moderate population growth projections, Brevard will need to accommodate more than three-quarters of a million residents by 2070.
The 1000 Friends of Florida has partnered with the Brevard Indian River Lagoon Coalition to host the Brevard 2070 project, with the aim of fostering a community dialogue and to begin a visioning process for a sustainable future for all who call Brevard home. Join us at the end of the month for an interactive webinar experience where we hope you will share your thoughts and questions about sustainable development in Brevard County.

Participate in this free webinar and share your thoughts about creating the future of Brevard.  Click Brevard 2070 to register.

Why is Stormwater a Big Problem?

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Lagoon Restoration Project - Dragon Point Oyster Reef

Funded in part by Brevard County's Save Our Lagoon half-cent sales tax.



The Brevard Zoo Restore Our Shores team is finishing up a new oyster reef on Dragon Point, just south of Mather’s Bridge. The installation uses a new type of oyster shell container, a gabion, that is plastic free and stackable for the basic structure. Experience shows that using shells alone is the best way to recruit viable spat (baby oysters) and a two year old reef adjacent to the build is thriving. The Save Our Indian River Lagoon (SOIRL) plan calls for construction of oyster reefs throughout the Lagoon. Click here to see more Lagoon restoration projects.

We Are Our Partners


Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute


Hubbs Science

Please welcome our new partner, Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute in Melbourne Beach which is a branch of Hubbs SeaWorld in San Diego.  The Florida Lab Director, Megan Stolen performs necroscopys on stranded whales & Dolphins to determine the cause of death, their age, what they eat and much more. 

Click here to watch the video of her personalized tour of the facility.

Tune in to their Science #Talk Tuesdays webinars for more exciting marine life exposes.


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