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MRCs Virtual Lagoon Learning Programs

To accommodate on-line learning environments, the MRC is now offering free ecology classroom lessons for grades 3-6 through our Virtual Learning program!  We have adapted our classroom presentations into four individual programs, aligned with the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, which provide opportunities for students to learn about the ecology of coastal estuaries including the Indian River Lagoon, pollution impacts, food chains, and mangrove restoration.  Learn more at about MRC's program.

Hot Off The Press

Fertilizer Ban 2020 – what you need to know and why!

Lagoon Restoration Project - CLAMS!

The Indian River Lagoon was covered with clams. But with rampant commercial clamming in the 90s and declining water quality, they disappeared.

This might change!

U Florida Whitney Labs last year found a small “super clam” population alive in the Mosquito Lagoon. They took 39 back to the lab and breed an amazing 40 million larvae.  So far 1 million have been reintroduced and 2 million more are ready to go as soon as the COVID restrictions are lifted and Whitney can recruit volunteers. Each adult clam can filter 18 gal/day!!


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