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Brevard County's Save Our Indian River Lagoon Project Plan

The extensive, science-based Save Our Lagoon Project Plan was developed in July 2016 by a team of scientists, researchers, financial experts and lagoon restoration experts.  The Brevard Indian River Lagoon Coalition and Brevard residents stepped up and overwhelmingly voted for the half-cent sales tax to fund the projects in this plan.The 100+ page plan was adopted by the Brevard County Commission and is currently being implemented. Read the official plan here and then check out the Brevard County Save Our Lagoon website.

2023 Save Our IRL Program Status by Project

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  • 14 Project Categories
  • 185 Projects Completed or underway
  • Removing 1.14 M lbs of Total Nitrogen per year

Citizen's Oversight Committee

Read the latest COC meeting agenda and minutes.

The Oversight Committee ensures transparent implementation of the Save Our Indian River Lagoon Project Plan and expense of the Save Our Indian River Lagoon Trust Fund for the public and recommends plan updates to the Board of County Commissioners.  This includes review of fiscal decision documents, projects and program progress reports, evaluation of timeliness and cost effectiveness performance, consideration of alternative actions, and recommendations for project plan amendments. The Brevard Indian River Lagoon Coalition, an independent nonprofit organization working with more than 30 groups to restore the lagoon, pushed for the formation of the Citizen Oversight Committee.

Check out the Citizen's Oversight Committee's webpage for information on meeting dates, agendas, documents, members and more!


Brevard's EEL's Program

The Environmentally Endangered Lands (EEL) Program was established in 1990 to protect the natural habitats of Brevard County by acquiring environmentally sensitive lands for conservation, passive recreation, and environmental education.    Brevard's EEL Program webpage 


Palm Bay's Sustainability Plan

 Palm Bay's Strategic plan is based on the principals of stewardship of natural resources, economic health and quality of life for residents.

Issues of climate change, energy efficiency, water conservation, and environmental impacts are all concerns society is facing on a local, regional, national and global scale. Palm Bay understands that these issues will affect quality of life today and for generations to come. Palm Bay is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and initiating programs to make City of Palm Bay a sustainable community.

Check out the Sustainable Palm Bay website for more information!



Satellite Beach's Sustainability Board

The City of Satellite Beach is constantly working on expanding and developing environmentally friendly initiatives for current residents and future generations.  They are proud of what has been accomplished thus far, and created a Sustainability Action Plan to achieve greater success!

Sustainability is more than just caring for environmental assets. Read the Sustainability Board meeting minutes for up to date progress.

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Save Our Lagoon Project Plan

2023 Project Status Report

  • Easy to understand pictorial view of the annual Project status Report. See where the projects are located and how much is being spent on each of the 14 project categories.

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