The Indian River Lagoon is a priceless natural paradise, yet its health was neglected for decades.

Today there is hope and healing. Investments are being made. Projects and people are making a difference.

But progress takes time. Learn how you can help. 

Each of Us has a Role to Play

Act for the Lagoon. 

Lagoon Heroes

You are the right person at the right time. You can help us continue to make progress. The Coalition is a group of dedicated volunteers who understand the need to preserve our paradise. Community Presentations, Event Support, Social Outreach, and more—there is always an opportunity where volunteers are needed. VOLUNTEER now. 

Be a Lagoon HERO


Your Donation Matters.

Lagoon Guardians

We’re in it for the long haul. We have to be.The Lagoon has a tremendous economic impact on our region and makes a huge difference in the quality of our lives. For you, for your children, for your grandchildren. Help carry the vision—and the work—forward.

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Be a Lagoon GUARDIAN



Speak out for the Lagoon.

Lagoon Voices

You can help us ramp up community education and contribute to other efforts to grow an army of Lagoon Voices. Learn about these important programs: Lagoon Straight Talks, | Lagoon Minutes | Voices for the Lagoon Podcasts.

It’s going to take all of us to win this fight.

Be a Lagoon VOICE

Meet our partners. 

Get acquainted with our partners and discover other opportunities to make a difference for the Lagoon: Shoreline cleanups, Mangrove planting, Oyster gardening, Lagoon monitoring, Living shorelines and more.

Sponsor a Program

Get your business name out there. Sponsor a Coalition event, a printed flyer, promotional advertising and more.

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 Know the priorities.

This is a crucial year for Lagoon funding. Studying these 2024 Legislative Priorities will help you understand where we are and what’s at stake.

Become a VOICE for the Lagoon today.