BIRLC/MRC 2024 Florida Legislative Priorities

Developed Cooperatively by The Marine Resources Council and Brevard IRL Coalition in collaboration with Brevard County and the IRLNEP

  • Continue IRL Protection Plan funding at $100M/year.
  • Funding for new KSC Sewage Treatment System with biosolids Conversion to beneficial products.
  • Support plans for Enhanced Biosolid Treatment to eliminate the unsustainable practice of land application of biosolids.
  • Ratify the Statewide Stormwater Rules Proposed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in 2023.
  • Increase water quality monitoring as recommended by the Blue Green Algae Task ForceAllow Local summer Fertilizer Ordinances.
  • Funding for Duane DeFreese Conservation Hub at the Proposed Aquarium.
  • Allow Counties to set establish Seasonal Fertilizer restriction ordinances.
  • Set maximum Nitrogen/phosphorous output levels in sewage treatment reused water.