2024 State Legislative Session 

2024 Legislative Priorities

2024 Legislative Summary

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The following bills passed by the Legislature are bing sent to the Governor's office for his signature:

SB 7040: FDEP Stormwater Rules ratification: Updated to include new methods and measurement standards for Low Impact Development.

HB 165: Safe Waterways Act: requires warning notifications of hazardous waters due to toxic algal blooms and bacteria.

APPROPRIATIONS: The following are included the Budget appropriations Bill

  • IRL Water quality Projects                        $75.00 M
  • Brevard County SOIRL Projects               $12.45 M
  • Brevard City Lagoon Projects                  $12.35 M
  • University & Other Lagoon Projects          $5.75 M

      TOTAL IRL Projects                                     $105.55 M

NOT RENEWED: Preemption of new local fertilizer ordinances:  No impact to Brevard, but other counties can now enact fertilizer ordinances that didn't previously have them.

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2024 State Legislative Session

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