How You Can Help

From changing the way you tend your lawn, to planting native plants, to helping to keep trash out of the storm drains, there are many simple and easy ways to give our lagoon a break.

If you want to venture farther afield you can get involved in hands on restoration with shoreline cleanups, mangrove planting, lagoon monitoring, oyster gardening and living shorelines. Man a table at a special event or help educate the community with a presentation. There are always opportunities to teach others.

 It doesn't matter how small your first step, it will be a step in the right direction.

Taking A First Simple Step

There are easy ways to begin something right at home to help the Indian River Lagoon. Like any other journey, it starts with the first step.


Build A Rain Garden

WHAT YOU CAN DO...Rain Garden. Slow down the water running off your lawn and less of the unwanted stuff that water carries will get into the Lagoon.


Make A Rain Barrel

Learn how to make your own rain barrel from Marine Resources Council or find out where you can sign up for one by watching this short video.