The Coalition

Who we are

Brevard County residents volunteer to raise awareness to help the lagoon
The Brevard Indian River Lagoon Coalition is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit, nonpartisan organization seeking and facilitating education and collaboration--bringing together organizations, businesses and individuals who share the goal of supporting restoration of the Lagoon.


What we do

  • Foster awareness, education and actions in support of returning our Lagoon to health through science-based efforts designed to address the complex problems affecting the Lagoon
  • Collaborate and support the community of citizens, boaters, tourism, anglers, businesses and non-profit organizations to advocate for the lagoon effectively
  • Support, monitor and suggest changes to the Save Our Lagoon Citizens Oversight Committee that provides oversight and input to county government regarding the Save Our Lagoon Project Plan
  • Regularly report the progress of Brevard County’s Save Our Lagoon Project Plan to the community
  • Educate politicians and officials on the importance of adequate funding and support to clean up our waterways
  • Support state and federal funding assistance for Florida’s cities and counties working to clean waterways throughout Florida




The Brevard Indian River Lagoon Coalition is a leading, independent, unifying voice connecting community partners to restore the Indian River Lagoon.

Our vision is an Indian River Lagoon of clear waters, alive with lush sea grass beds, thriving fish, birds, manatees and dolphins – a healthy place where our families can play.