For Our Visitors

If you are visiting our area, we want you to enjoy the riches nature has provided here.

Photo by Vince Lamb, courtesy IRLNEPWe want to engage you in helping us ensure this beautiful Lagoon, its natural habitats and the wildlife this environment supports.

And we invite you to visit again and again.


Here are some tips for our visitors:

• Practice proper boat fueling.
• Use marine pump out facilities.
• Don’t empty your tank into canals or the Lagoon
• Use marine approved cleaning products

If fishing, please ensure any fishing line/monofilament is disposed of in receptacles for that purpose or carried out by you.


Just say ZERO cigarette butts on the beath and trails.
Let’s help each other ensure small children, pets and wildlife don’t meet up with the toxins from filters.

Learn more about the scope of this problem here.


Scoop the poop! Dog waste has bacteria. Ensure it gets in the trash

Just say: “No straw, please.”


Wherever you go, whenever you can, please pick up your trash and pack it out--take it with you.

During busy times receptacles near our waterways get filled to overflowing.

Thank you.