Projects and Plans

Many organizations and entities are working to improve the health of our Lagoon.

The 2023 Fla Legislature Approved the Following IRL Projects:

Brevard County - Indian River Lagoon, Septic Upgrades to Advanced Treatment Units Phase 3 (50 sites)  $    450,000
Brevard County North Water Treatment Plant Expansion and Potable Water Wells  $  1,500,000
Brevard County - Sykes Creek Phase 2 Environmental Dredging and Interstitial Water Treatment Project  $ 8,648,004
Brevard County Grand Canal Phase 5 Environmental Dredging and Interstitial Water Treatment Project  $ 9,000,000
Brevard County - Veteran's Center Amphitheater  $  1,000,000
Brevard County - South Beaches 2nd Deep Injection Well  $ 2,000,000
Brevard County - South Brevard Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant  $  1,500,000
Brevard County - South Brevard Water Treatment Plant  $  1,500,000
Cocoa Beach Bicentenial Park  $  1,250,000
Cocoa Beach Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation  $  1,000,000
Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. HighSchool Indian River Restoration Oriject  $     850,000
Palm Bay Septic to Sewer Conversion  $  2,100,000
Indian Harbor Beach 2nd Generation Baffle Box at Cheyenne Ct  $     250,000
Indian Harbor Beach Jleason Park Lake Bank Stabilization  $     175,000
Melbourne Espanola Baffle BoxWater Quality Project  $     287,000
Sebastian Inlet North/South Jetty Maintenance and safety Improvements  $ 2,000,000
Kilroy Monitoring System IRL  $  1,000,000
Florida Tech InFlow Pilot Project Port Canaveral  $ 4,900,000
IRL NEP Seagrass Restoration Projects  $     250,000
Harbor Branch LoBo Monitors






The Indian River Lagoon is in five Florida counties.
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The Brevard County, Florida plan is called Save Our Indian River Lagoon.
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