Biosorption Activated Media Project

BAM helps clean stormwater


BAM (Biosorption Activated Media) is aggregate engineered to remove nitrogen and phosphorous compounds from stormwater and ground water before it flows into the Lagoon. The SOIRL Plan calls for it to be used in 175 projects throughout the County in retention ponds, swales, and other stormwater catchments, leading to reductions of more than 209K lbs/yr for TN and 28K lbs/yr for TP.


Broadway Pond Biosorption Activated Media Project Video - see below.
Using a special filter filled with Biosorption Activated Media (BAM) the water exiting this stormwater pond in Port St John receives additional nutrient removal before it reaches the Indian River Lagoon. This Save Our Indian River Lagoon Project is removing an additional 456 pounds of nitrogen and 69 pounds of phosphorus annually.
BAM engineered to reduce Nutrients
Map of 175 BAM enhanced water treatment projects

Broadway Pond Biosorption Activated Media Project Video

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