Cone Road Restoration Project

Cone Road septic system project to help the lagoon


The major 3-phase Cone Road project in Merritt Island connected more than 80 commercial and industrial properties to sewer, constructed buried sewer and stormwater lines along the road and added denitrification to stormwater ponds in a park setting. The sewer service allows redevelopment of the industrial area adjacent to the airport. 

Organized by the Merritt Island Redevelopment Authority (MIRA) it has leveraged funding from at least four different sources.
MIRA held a meeting to brief land owners on the final steps for removing septic system and connecting to the new sewerage lines. The Save Our Indian River Lagoon (SOIRL) funds will reimburse owners for these expenses.
This is a model project: removing some 3000 #/yr of Nitrogen from the Lagoon and improving the area so that businesses can expand or rebuild, some in support of our booming space industry at Cape Canaveral.
Conversion of septic systems help the lagoon
Stormwater denitrification system added to ponds to help the lagoon

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