What happened with Blue Green Algae Task Force Recommendations

Why is DEP still so inept, years after DeSantis took office?


In January 2019, two days after being sworn into the state’s highest office, De-Santis wanted to make one thing clear: He would be the clean-water governor. He hopscotched around the state making announcements and creating entities to do what the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) no longer was — protecting Florida’s waterways.

In March 20 19 at the Nathaniel P. Reed National Wildlife Refuge in Hobe Sound, DeSantis appointed the Blue Green Algae Task Force, a board of five of the state’s most esteemed clean-water scientists. It took them barely seven months to draft a plan of how to undo the damage wrought to waterways by former Gov. Rick Scott and others.

DeSantis and the Florida Legislature chucked about 87% of the task force’s recommendations in the circular file.

So here we sit, three years and one pandemic later, with a blueprint from our brightest minds on how to fix Florida’s complicated water quality problems and no one in a position of leadership seems to care.