UF searches Indian River lagoon seagrass for ‘forever’ chemicals found in Florida manatees

Florida Today Article by Jim Waymer Jan 22, 2022 UF Searches Indian River Lagoon for ‘Forever’ Chemicals Like us humans, manatees and alligators are what they eat, but with much stronger vegan or carnivore leanings, respectively. So the toxic ‘forever’ chemicals John Bowden found in alligators’ blood near Kennedy Space Center and Patrick Space Force Base were no […]

Brevard health officials warn of toxic algae in Lake Washington, Stick Marsh

Best not drink, swim, wade, boat in or eat fish from Lake Washington or the Stick Marsh, health officials warned. Don’t let your dog sip the water either. The Florida Department of Health in Brevard issued a health alert Tuesday about harmful blue-green algae toxins in Lake Washington and the Stick Marsh. Samples drawn on Dec. 27 and Dec. 28 […]

Sustainability and embracing the future of Brevard | Opinion

Chelsea Partridge – Guest Columnist – Dec 13, 2021 Chelsea Partridge  is a Brevard County Soil & Water Conservation District supervisor. She lives in Port St. John. Municipalities and counties  should be embracing and incorporating sustainability to protect our land and our homes. The protection of our natural surroundings is becoming more and more prevalent in […]