Brevard Indian River Lagoon Coalition

What we do and who we are

Our vision is an Indian River Lagoon of clear waters, alive with lush sea grass beds, thriving fish, birds, manatees and dolphins – a healthy place where our families can play.

We are a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit, incorporated July 21, 2016, the effective date of our exemption status.

We are citizens, organizations, & businesses allied in one demand: That our government take necessary and continuing actions to clean and restore the Indian River Lagoon. The lagoon is, by all objective accounts, the economic and environmental lifeblood of its bordering communities, cities, and counties.

A dying/dead waste lagoon affects everyone, not just environmental activists. Once (eco)tourism and service industries are affected, economic development projects and property values will certainly follow. Revenues will decrease, and quality of life will plummet.

Clearly a nonpartisan issue, this is a responsibility we must account for ourselves, and not kick to future generations. By the very nature of these problems, it will only get worse.

But we can fix it. And we WILL fix it. It will take time and commitment from members and organizations of our community, but it is absolutely doable. It’s just a matter of doing it.

The Coalition’s plan of action is twofold:

  • Combine all interest, information, and resources that we have in our community and use it to pressure our government entities (local, state, and Federal) to take appropriate actions.
  • Coordinate, through the same alliance, effective awareness campaigns and educational opportunities throughout the community for a necessary culture shift to RESPONSIBLE (sustainable) living.

Overwhelming numbers and networked connections are how we will win. Will you choose to be a part of this historic endeavor?

Become a pledged member:

Coalition Membership signifies a pledge:

To set the example in responsible yard maintenance (reduce/eliminate unnecessary use of fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides and dispose of grass clippings properly)

  • To continue to learn and understand issues and systems affecting the health of the IRL;
  • To actively engage public officials where and when appropriate to take bold, necessary steps to clean and restore the lagoon;
  • To support and vote for candidates who clearly demonstrate that saving the lagoon is a top priority for the economic and environmental health of our communities.

Pledged membership is free. You will be added to an email distribution list for action alerts and other emergent/significant updates regarding our lagoon.

Thank you for your support and shared commitment to this worthy mission.


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