Sept. 25, the Brevard County Commission will hold a first vote on adopting new septic system ordinance


Please help get supporters to attend and to call Commissioners in advance urging approval.

Brevard County Commission will vote Tuesday, Sept. 25 and October 9 on requiring new septics within 40-60 meters of the Lagoon to clean >65% of pollutants.

Please attend the meeting(s) and call your commissioner.  The address is Commission Chambers, 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, FL. Their website is

Septic systems contribute 18% of polluting nutrients to the Indian River Lagoon

We’re spending millions to clean up the Lagoon – why allow more to enter? The County currently permits about 800 new septics each year.

The proposed ordinance will affect only installation of NEW septic systems within 40-60 meters of the Lagoon and waterways that feed into it, as well as all of the barrier islands and Merritt Island. (The ordinance is based on a specific scientific study to identify the areas creating the most pollution)

It is important that all Brevard cities and unincorporated areas participate in this ordinance in order to gain the critical restoration of the Lagoon.


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